How to Manifest: The Do’s & Don’ts of Manifesting – A simple “how to” guide

man meditating in Shaolin mudra

In the moment of nothing there is endless space for creation.


How to manifest? In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss simple ways on how to successfully manifest. I started manifesting in December 2018 after reading the book “The SECRET” by Rhonda Byrne. Before that, I had no clue that something like manifesting would exist. I got curious so I read about ‘Giving up an order to the universe’, and ‘It’s like ordering at Amazon’. I couldn’t believe it, so I read quite a few books about this topic and listened to podcasts.

There’s so much information about how to manifest the right way… I tried it all. However, I got confused. I’ll be honest. I did it all wrong in the beginning. lol. But I didn’t know better. Have you ever tried to manifest something and then when it actually was delivered by the universe, I was like ‘aaah shoooot, I changed my mind’, I don’t want that anymore, or, ‘that’s not exactly what I meant’…

how to manifest - man on rock doing abhayamudra or gesture of fearlessness
How to Manifest: Abhayamudra or gesture of fearlessness helps

It’s ok. I’m a scientist. I do experiments. I love try and error. So this is how I came up with my perfect way of manifesting and also can share insights what didn’t work well. Well, in my experience. You can try by yourself.

How to Manifest?

In a nutshell, when we make use of the law of attraction, we can basically manifest anything into our reality. Those things actually already exist in another dimension. You will hear names for these dimensions like “ether”, “5th Dimension”, “universe”, “the invisible world” or “space”.

It’s basically the same thing we did when we were children and picked a dandelion. We made a wish and while doing that we were blowing the little parachute seeds away.

That’s basically it. Now, there are some Do’s and Dont’s about manifesting, that I learned over the past few years. Here’s my personal guide on how to manifest anything that you want into your life. Well, almost anything. In the following, you’ll find 5 Do’s and Don’ts that will help you to live the life you really deserved.

The DON’Ts of Manifesting

  • manifesting with a wandering mind
  • wishing for something that’s isn’t aligned with the highest good of all
  • letting sabotaging/limiting/shadow beliefs kill your manifestations
  • thinking you don’t deserve it
  • attaching to your wish

There is so many techniques and tools we can make use of to calm down our mind. We are in our center, as soon as our mind is calm. If there’s no disturbing involuntary thoughts anymore. If our mind wanders, we cannot focus on our intention.

‘The mind goes where the focus goes’, so if there’s too many thoughts flying around in our mind, how can the universe understand what it is that we really want?

So be clear and precise about your intention, about your wish. That is also what is stated in “The Secret“. Go into meditation and only start manifesting as soon as you’re really sure that your mind is calm. Then you can start focusing and concentrating on your intention. Think it, feel it, smell it, touch it and also hear it!

Visualize your Dreams

Visualize your dream and really try to see it with your inner eye. Then inhale deeply and let it circle around your third eye, or just in your mind. As soon as you really feel and see that you’re having it already in your life, you are ready to relax, exhale deeply and let it go… Only then, you successfully ordered your wish from the universe. Now everything you have to do is just relax. Haha, yes that’s really hard, but it’s essential. No clinging, not attaching, no craving. Just letting go and letting the universe do its job. It knows best what to do.

Secondly, make sure that your wish is not feeding your ego. These wishes are most often those kind of wishes that are granted with a big delay. The time, you receive this gift, you then mostly think you don’t want this anymore in your life and it can feel like a burden. So, make sure you are manifesting only when you are in your highest self, or in your center.

In our center we have the power to create and manifest whatever we’d like to manifest into our life, as long as it is aligned with the highest good of all beings. See it as a super fertile soil. You can now decide which seed you want to put into this soil.

There is a truth deep down inside of you that has been waiting for you to discover it, and that truth is this: you deserve all good things life has to offer

Quote from The Secret

Nourish the Seed of your Intention

The seed of hope will grow healthy, steadily and will become a magnificent and gigantic tree. This super fertile soil is our mind. The seed is our intention. Think of something you want to welcome into your life. Really believe that this seed will grow. Don’t doubt.. Doubts are like parasites that destroy the seed immediately.

how to manifest - Man meditating in park
This is how I manifest

Start believing and water this seed every day. Give it a smile. After a while you can see seedlings. Keep on trusting and believing and this seedling will grow powerful roots and branches. Imagine how many fruits a tree will have one day…

So you can decide if those fruits will be fruits of anger, fear, suffering and anxiety OR fruits of joy, happiness, peacefulness and gratitude.

Here you find the 5 Do’s of manifesting again

  1. Manifest with a calm and relaxed mind
  2. Only make wishes that are aligned with the highest good for all beings
  3. Manifest with supporting beliefs
  4. Really believe that you deserve it
  5. Let go of your wish after manifesting

Are you manifesting? Did you make the experience that your wish was granted but it wasn’t exactly what you expected? Share your stories, tips or questions in the comments below.⠀

Sending you much love and light.
– Diego⠀

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