What is a Reiki session? Reiki is a healing technique developed by the Japanese buddhist Mikao Usui approx. a hundred years ago that energize the body and activates your self-healing ability. The Japanese word “Reiki” is made of two words. “Rei” means “God’s wisdom” or “Higher force” and “Ki” which is comparable to prana means life force energy. A Reiki session comes with many benefits:

7 Benefits of a Reiki Session

  1. Deep relaxation and helps the body release stress and tension: At a reiki session my clients enjoy time for themselves where they just can ‚be‘ instead of ‚do‘. My clients have reported feeling more peaceful, clear, relaxed and lighter during and after the sessions.
  2. Overcome unwanted habits: Reiki removes energy blockages in our bodies. When the energy is free-flowing again, it is easier for us to transform bad habits into good ones. During the reiki sessions many of my clients report powerful insights, that help them to clearly see unwanted habits and how to change them.
  3. Achieve desired goals: In a fully relaxed state of body and mind, Reiki helps to become aware of and remove any blocks that are between you and your success that you may be holding inside of you. Maybe you have already heard the saying: ‚Where the focus goes the energy flows‘ – meaning if you switch your focus on your goals, your Reiki infused energy flows into this direction and you can manifest your dreams and desires with strong intention and without sabotaging.
  4. Promotes better and healthier sleep: During a reiki session the nervous system of the client switches from the sympathetic (flee or fight) into the parasympathetic (rest and digest), that is a state of deep relaxation. In this state our organs work efficiently, digestion is facilitated and we can gift our body a well-deserved healthy sleep.
  5. Increase energy level: Reiki helps to find harmony and balance. It is an effective energy healing technique that improves the body’s natural healing ability whilst energizing and promoting overall wellness. Furthermore, reiki helps restoring balance on all levels and works directly on the roots of the problem.
  6. Anxiety relief: Reiki is an integrative therapy treatment that can alleviate anxiety. Further, the sessions help the body’s ability to self-heal to relieve deep-seated tensions, toxics and emotional blocks.
  7. Pain relief: Modern studies show proof that reiki treatments were successful in reducing pain.

There is evidence to suggest that Reiki therapy may be effective for pain and anxiety.

Pain Management Nursing, Volume 15, Issue 4, December 2014, Pages 897-908

Who is Reiki for?

Reiki is for mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, workaholics, burnouts, CEOs, managers, employees, grandfathers, grandmothers, animals and plants.

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Reiki Session Distance Healing

More and more people book and love distance reiki sessions. New clients often wonder “Does this actually help”? Since the answer is actually yes, let me explain to you how it works: Distance healing has the same effect as in-person reiki sessions. My clients receive reiki from afar and can stay at home during the session.

I like to use Zoom for the distance sessions, it’s easy to use and for free for the client. Basically, we will have a 10-15 min chat, where the client can talk about all the things they think could be important for the session. After that, I guide them into a relaxing meditation or breathing exercise. Lastly, the client lies down on their back and here they don’t have to do anything anymore, simply relax. I will then start channeling and giving healing energy.

You can feel reiki flowing through your body in the first session. The more sessions you experience, the stronger you can feel the life force energy flowing through your body providing you all the benefits and more described in the section above. According to the Hermetic Law of

Similarity or the hologram paradigm, all humanity, all beings are interconnected through reiki, as all beings are energy matter and part of a larger whole.Reiki practitioners can make use of this law, energy connection and heal via distance. Are you ready for healing? You can book a distance healing session right away:

What does Harvard say about Reiki?

Healing touch. Practitioners use their hands above or on the body, using a gentle touch, with the intent of affecting the body’s energy fields. One study proves that patients had shorter hospital stays, if they received healing touch before and after open-heart surgery.

Reiki. This centuries-old practice involves light touch over different parts of the body in an ordered sequence. In one study, people who underwent Reiki sessions before cardiac catheterization, reported feeling more confident. Their cardiologists said these patients were more relaxed and cooperative.

Harvard Medical School

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