Rewild Yourself – 5 Easy Ways to Reconnect with Your Essence

rewild yourself - man with face paint in forest

Rewild Yourself: Last year I’ve been starting to go on a deep journey within and without. I started to ‘rewild’ myself. You may ask why I decided to do so? Well, I forgot what it’s like to really feel ‘alive’, to feel my inner fire and to feel my heartbeat beating loudly to the rhythm of the joy of life. I love to re-awaken my inner fire, my real core beliefs and my true essence by rewilding practices. According to Merriam Webster, ‘rewilding’ can be defined as:

re·​wild·​ing | \ (ˈ)rē-¦wī(-ə)l-diŋ \

the planned reintroduction of a plant or animal species and especially a keystone species or apex predator (such as the gray wolf or lynx) into a habitat from which it has disappeared (as from hunting or habitat destruction) in an effort to increase biodiversity and restore the health of an ecosystem.

Merriam Webster, found on July 1, 2020

I define rewilding for humans very similarly:

The conscious reconnection of a human with nature from which it has disappeared (as from urbanization, domestication or education) in an effort to increase connectivity, longevity, health & happiness and restore the health of an ecosystem.

Rewilding is a beautiful practice to remember our true essence, our true self, who we really are and to remember our true life purpose.

The Process of De-Wilding

Since we’re born, we’ve been domesticated on this planet, how to behave, how not to behave – in kindergarten, school at our workplace etc. As a kid, I loved to run around naked, pretending to be an animal and that I had the super powers of certain animals. I remember, I always loved to play being a Tiger. Strong, powerful, graceful, wild & free. I used to roooooar like a tiger and I fricking felt sooo alive!

When I reached puberty my playfulness, courage and self-esteem started to fade away. I was domesticated. The tiger in me was tamed. My inner flame burned out. Joy, inner peace and playfulness were replaced by drama, fear and crazy looping thoughts. I focused on being liked by others, getting external approval and not to be seen as a “weirdo”.

I got so bored of life and started to think “so, is that it? Is that life?? REALLY???”

This bs can be stopped! By rewilding e.g.! We are so much more! There is so much more to life! There is so much more to love! Start with today to rewild yourself!

man with face paint in forrest rewilding
Rewilding practice in the rain forest

1. Emulate your favorite animal

One of them is to get dressed like your favorite / power / spirit / totem animal and dance or move through the woods like this animal would do. ⠀

So for instance, if I’m working with one of my spirit animals – the black leopard – I try to incorporate the following traits:⠀

  • super fast⠀
  • move silently & gracefully⠀
  • very solitary & spend most of their time alone⠀
  • skilled climbers⠀
  • super focused & balance their energy well
  • really strong⠀
  • spend most of their day time resting⠀

So, take a deep breath, close your eyes, breathe in and out gently and profoundly. See your favorite animal / power animal with your inner eye. Smile at it. Go towards it and ask if you can pet it. If it says yes, do it gently, carefully, softly. Inhale deeply and dive into the essence of your power animal. See your paws, claws, fur etc. Start walking and moving like your power animal would do, for example.

Like the black leopard I run as fast as I can and exercise to get stronger and more flexible. I only eat what’s good for my body and I roar as loud as I can, by doing so I feel soooo alive and I can feel my true divine masculine energy! I retreat from time to time to recharge my batteries, to go into introspective and tune into myself in order to come out of the retreat stronger, with more clarity and a healthy will-power.

So get clarity about the traits of your favorite animal and emulate it in a way that is fun, exciting and ignites your soul. What’s your favorite animal? Let me know in the comments below.

2. Climb a Tree

Climb a tree and observe the area from above, to get another perspective. This is especially helpful if we had a tough day. By switching the perspective we often start seeing the positive in the negative and enlarge our horizon. Nowadays we tend to sit in an office 8 hours per day and need to follow a certain business etiquette. Yelling, roaring, and showing our inner fire is a no-go and our energy can get stuck in certain inner organs. That can lead to frustration (in bed), insomnia, high blood pressure, heart attacks, depression etc.

By using our feet, legs and hands to reach from branch to branch, we start feeling alive again. We remember where we came from, who we were before we started living in cities and started working a regular 9-5 job, sitting in the office all day.

When I reached puberty my playfulness, courage and self-esteem started to fade away. I was domesticated.

When we’re sitting in a tree, we also feel connected to our inner child again which supports our healing process and helps relieve emotional trauma. So next time you’re sitting in a tree, try to think of something that bothered you recently, then inhale deeply and yell as loud and as long as you can. This exercise is really powerful to rewild yourself.

3. Do Cold Plunging

Cold plunging is a really effective practice to rewild yourself and rejuvenate all the cells of your body. You can instantly feel the effect when you make it to bring your head and body under water. If you don’t have a pool or ice bath nearby, you can also use showers. Lengthen the time of cold showering every day and you can start with just 10 sec. Here are some tips and benefits for you where to point the water jet and why:

  • lower lip – clears mind⠀
  • chests to genitals – changes blood chemistry from unhealthy to healthy⠀
  • between eye brows & upper lip – energizing ⠀
  • forehead – sleepy (before bed)⠀
  • 2″ between wrist and lower arm – good for heart⠀
  • neck to feet – same benefits as cold water plunging

Watch the following Wim Hof video about the Wim Hof Breathing method in order to warm up the body before cold plunging:

4. Walk Barefoot

If you desire to rewind yourself, go into nature, find a local park or grassed area. Take off your shoes and feel the soil, grass, wood etc. underneath your feet. By doing so, we re-connect to nature / spirit / Mother Earth / Pacha Mama etc. This comes with many benefits:

  • improving balance and body awareness
  • stimulating acupressure points at the soles of the feet
  • pain relief
  • improving mechanics of the hips, knees, and core
  • relief from improperly fitting shoes, which may cause bunions, hammertoes, or other foot deformities
  • stronger leg and calve muscles, which support the lower back region

5. Learn to Transmute your Energy

I love exercises like Sexual Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Yoga, Meditation, Breath Work or Tai Chi to transmute my energy into higher vibrations. Our thoughts, collective emotions, external frequencies, bad emotions, unhealthy food etc. can cause our inner organs to obstruct which then lead to knots in our abdomen, for instance. These obstruction and knots can then lead to excessive heat in our organs so that they can malfunction.

By practising those exercises on a regular basis we can clear out excessive heat and heat deficiencies that negatively affect our mood, well-being, thoughts, emotions and sexual drive.

If you’re interested in my 7 Week Online Program on how to transmute your energy into higher vibrations and how to get more confidence, sexual stamina and overall health, send me an email and I send you the details.

What is your favorite practice to rewild yourself? Let me know in the comments below to help to inspire others ?⠀

With love, Diego

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