Wounded Masculine vs Divine Masculine

wounded masculine meditation

We all have masculine and feminine qualities within our energetic bodies. No matter if we are female, male or diverse. In this blog post I’m going to expand on our energies and how we can move from a wounded masculine to a divine masculine state.

The Wounded Masculine

We all possess feminine and masculine energies. Spiritually speaking, we have those energies in one of our 5 bodies, the pranic body or the energetic body. We are all born with a certain energetic composition or energetic constellation. Wounded masculine states are those states when we give our power away. We get aggressive, lose our center and try to fight or flight.

When we speak of “wounded” we could also call it “toxic”. So, if you look on a continuum, ‘wounded’ or ‘toxic’ could be all to the left end, and “divine” or “healed” could be all to the right, at least from a dualistic perspective.This means, if we heal our wounded masculine parts we then could reveal our healed masculine. Examples for a wounded state would be if we get triggered by another person and react from this triggered emotion.

Wounded Masculine info graphic toxic masculine energies
Wounded Masculine Info Graphic

How does this look like?

Let’s say, this person is sharing their beliefs or stories and their words, gesture or facial expressions etc. trigger for example anger in us. We can feel the anger boiling up within the belly.

A voice is telling us then “this is wrong! You need to defend yourself! You need to disagree because this is not right!” This voice inside our head keeps getting louder and we can hardly understand the person in front of us anymore.

All we can see might be disgust, pity or a villain. A person who might be our family member, partner or co-worker. Our body prepares to fight or flight. This could end in yelling at the person, trying to control/manipulate or aggressively telling the person that they’re wrong etc.

In this video I’m talking about my journey from wounded masculine to divine masculine.
I show case studies and give examples of my own experience.
How do you respond to triggers?
What does Divine masculine and wounded masculine states mean to you?
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The Divine Masculine

The healed masculine is seen as the divine masculine. A person who has healed their energetic/emotional wounds and traumas and is able to be present in any situation. The healthy masculine is deeply present and globally listens without being distracted. They don’t judge and create a safe environment where the other person can feel safe and never in danger or guilted.

The divine masculine doesn’t take things personally and listens openly without making it their agenda. They are a guiding force, encouraging and supportive who is enthusiastic about helping the other person as they understand a non-dualistic approach.

A healthy masculine person is humble, doesn’t show off and you can trust their word as they are honest, loyal and accountable. This person is of service for the greater benefits of all beings and is grounded yet connected.

Divine Masculine info graphic sacred masculine healed masculine
Divine Masculine Info Graphic

How to Move to a Divine Masculine State?

There’s many ways and modalities that support us to heal our wounded masculine energies. A first step could be to become aware of the energies and emotions within the body. Becoming aware of the trigger and asking the question: “What does this emotion in this moment want to tell me?”

I observe my body in the moment of the trigger:

  • How does the emotion feel like?
  • Maybe you can feel a tingling, burning or contracting sensation.
  • Maybe you feel you can not swallow and your throat tightens up.
  • Maybe you can feel a heavy weight on your chest/heart region.

Whatever it might be, just become aware of it and try to label it like “I can feel a pressure on my chest”. Now, notice, how the energy is shifting. By becoming aware of the emotions and triggers we actually move the energies from a stagnant and stuck state to an integrated state.

Latest studies from the University of Harvard have shown that strong emotions only stay like 90 seconds with us if we manage to only observe the emotion without reacting upon it. If we react upon it then we can become caught up in a loop.

“When a person has a reaction to something in their environment,” she says, “there’s a 90-second chemical process that happens in the body; after that, any remaining emotional response is just the person choosing to stay in that emotional loop.”

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Harvard Brain Scientist

The following actions might help you to switch from the toxic state to a healed state:

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness Techniques
  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga
  • Life Coaching
  • Therapy
  • Tantra & Authentic Relating Workshops
  • Shadow Work

If this blog post about how to step into your Divine Masculine has helped you in any way, please share this article with friends or family who would benefit most from listening to this message right now. Save the video and follow me on YouTube so you can access it quickly. Sending you much love and have a most amazing day!


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